Selecting Your Dentist

Selecting Your Dentist

photo01What to look for in a Cosmetic Dentist
There is no board specialty for Cosmetic Dentistry so any dentist can call themselves a Cosmetic Dentist.

The best Cosmetic Dentists are well versed in several aspects of dentistry

  • Orthodontics (Movement of teeth)
  • Implantology (Placing and restoring of artificial teeth: implants)
  • Occlusion (Understanding and development of a patients bite)
  • Periodontology (For manipulation of the gums for long term health and esthetic gum lines)
  • Restorative Dentistry (Restoring broken and decayed teeth)
  • Dental Materials (To understand the best materials to use in a patients mouth for longevity and esthetics).

Here are some criteria’s to keep in mind when looking for the best Cosmetic Dentist

  • Teaches Cosmetic Dentistry (Teaching forces one to stay at the very forefront of new techniques and information)
  • Several institutions are listed in curriculum vitae that specialize in teaching Cosmetic Dentistry and related subjects listed above
  • Experience and competency in Orthodontics
  • Displays several excellent before and after photos on website and is able to provide more samples of work when asked
  • Retains membership in recognized Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentistry organizations
  • Has contributed articles to recognized dental journals