Laser Dentistry North York

Laser Dentistry North York

Introducing Laser Dentistry – Periodontal Therapies

The Odyssey Navigator utilizes the 810 nanometer wavelength, the proven technology in dental diode lasers. This wavelength has a high affinity for gingival (gums) soft tissue making it an invaluable tool for esthetic sculpting, accessibility, isolation and the healing of soft tissue. The Odyssey Navigator is powered by 3 Watts of efficient lasing technology providing access to the most sophisticated, precise, and minimally invasive technology in dentistry. While used for simple gum lifts with rapid healing, the Odyssey Laser is also ideally designed for non-surgical treatment of infected gum tissues and providing maximal periodontal (gums) health.

What Are Laser Periodontal Procedures?

One of the most popular laser procedures for treatment of gum disease involves using specific lasers following initial scaling (cleaning) of the teeth and roots. The laser light is delivered to the area below the gum line using a flexible fiber optic, designed to focus energy and selectively eliminate diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. The laser also provides elimination of bacterial tissue toxins and in some cases has proven to delay the re-population of certain bacteria.

This bacterial reduction often results in significant pocket reduction and a decrease of bleeding on probing, hence assisting in the treatment of periodontal disease. Wavelength is a very important consideration of this procedure as the treatment objective is to selectively remove diseased tissue at a very shallow tissue depth with minimal post-operative discomfort.

The benefits of this procedure attributed to the use of the laser are many: The small size and flexibility of the fiber optic delivery system provides for easy access to the tissues below the gum line. The laser-assisted procedure is considerably faster than traditional methods and also results in less bleeding, less post-op discomfort and less trauma than traditional hygiene appointments using metal instrumentation.

The vast majority of adult patients could realize benefit from this type of procedure. Based on its minimally invasive nature, patient acceptance is high.