Anti-Cavity Care

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Services at Dr. Waldman’s Office

toothbrush_floss You will experience the following in our Progressive Esthetic and Health Based Practice:

  • Full Intra-oral photo tour and digital image tooth gallery of all teeth.
  • Comprehensive Dental Examination
  • Comprehensive Periodontal Examination and Full Gingival Assessment
  • Digital X-rays with only 25-33 % exposure of regular film
  • Full Mouth Series X-rays and Specific X-rays for problem areas
  • Definition Enhanced Radiographic Interpretation – Cavity Detection Possible 6-12 Months earlier
  • Cavity Detection with Laser Technology that detects cavities where x-rays or the naked eye may not
  • Periodontal/ Gum Therapy with advanced laser technology- Where the patient feels less instrumentation with amazing results
  • Decrease healing time when treating Periodontal/Gum infections that are virtually pain free.
  • Reduce scaling time with new laser technology
  • Reduce the need for periodontal surgery now and in the future with Laser Therapy
  • Increase the quality of your life and your eating enjoyment with laser hygiene technology
  • Educational Sessions and Open Discussions regarding your overall Health and dental wellbeing.
  • Professional Prophylaxis / Polishing with new and innovative instrumentation for all areas of concerns even around braces and appliances.
  • Professional Fluoride Treatments
  • NTI Therapy for Grinding Teeth – The new technology that is an effective alternative to the big bulky night guards of the past.
  • Finally a new non invasive therapy that fits on your front teeth and is convenient and comfortable.
  • Treatment of Cold Sores and mouth ulcers by early treatment with Laser Therapy
  • Long lasting desensitization of your teeth with Laser Therapy. Are you tired of having sensitivity to cold temperatures, warm temperatures and some foods? You can get rid of that annoying feeling with long lasting laser therapy.

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