Bite Problem Solutions

Bite Therapy


Many factors can contribute to headaches or facial including tenderness of the muscles used for chewing. These conditions can include the following:
Worn that no longer fit together and can result in a poor bite (how the teeth come together).
Poor breathing during sleep (Sleep Apnea) can result in poor oxygenation of blood which can contribute to a full list of health complications:
Habitual clenching of teeth due to stress and other factors

This Through the use of a comprehensive assessment and the “Kois Deprogrammer” (removable retainer), Dr. Waldman is able to diagnose and treat many of these conditions. Bites can be corrected through various means including occlusal equilibration (smoothing teeth that may be hitting when closing too soon). Other means of correcting bite discrepancies can be accomplished through the placement of permanent restorations where needed. Orthodontics (braces) may even be a treatment option.
All patients undergoing comprehensive treatment with Dr. Waldman are carefully evaluated for any bite issues and treatment is offered when indicated. With proper bite therapy, restored teeth will have a greater life expectancy and greater comfort for the patient.