Analyze Your Smile

Use this ingenious Smile Analyzer (have a mirror handy) to analyze your smile and see how your smile measures up!



The edges of the upper teeth should follow the curve of the lower lip.


The Spaces between the edges of the teeth should progressively have more acute angles.


The contact points between each tooth become higher as the teeth progress to the posterior (back) areas of the mouth.


For optimum aesthetics all the teeth should incline towards the midline. The midline should always be straight.


The Front teeth (centrals) are the longest with the adjacent laterals shorter. Beside the laterals are the cuspids, which should be as long as the centrals. Then the cuspids, bicuspids and molars all get progressively shorter.


Most beautiful smiles follow a basic rule of proportion. The front central incisors are the widest, followed in diminishing proportions by the adjacent teeth. Teeth that are proportionally too wide will distort the harmony of the smi


The position of the gumlines should be symmetrical and similar to that shown above.