Dr. Waldman, the Dental Perfectionist!

By admin July 30, 2008

I have always been self conscious about my smile, but never had the guts to do anything about it until I was advised by my regular dentist to replace the cracked crown on one of my front teeth. I was worried that the new crown would stick out from the rest of my teeth which were uneven and discolored. However, my dentist never once mentioned improving the appearance of my teeth. Then I heard Dr. Waldman’s advertisement on the radio, and decided to call her. When I met her I was taken in by her sincerity, confidence and encouragement. She promised me a beautiful smile and the way that she interacted with me made me decide to go with her.

Throughout the treatment and Dr. Waldman and the staff were really good to me. Her assistant Lorine was very comforting to me throughout the experience, and as far as Dr. Waldman is concerned, I realized that she is a perfectionist. She seemed determined to make my smile fabulous. I felt totally confident with her expertise and at ease with her personality. And now that my treatment is over, Dr. Waldman was true to her word. My teeth are beautiful! I feel on top of the world and I am smiling a lot more often to show off my shining straight white teeth. Thank you, Dr. Waldman and the staff, for a lovely experience and for turning my life around.