The Dangers of Childhood Snoring and Sleep Apnea

We are all aware that many adults snore, but how many times have you heard parents talking about their children snoring? About how cute or funny it is? Well, snoring does happen with children, but the consequences of childhood snoring can be very serious. Typical appearance… Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry Part 1: Glossary

Cosmetic Dentistry Part 1: Glossary Most people think that they know what cosmetic dentistry is: making people’s smiles nicer. But do you really know what is involved in doing this? It may seem simple to many people but it is, in fact, really a very detailed process from the first… Read More

Laser Whitening in North York

Did you know that laser tooth whitening or laser tooth bleaching as it is often called, is in fact, not really accomplished with a laser? The term “laser tooth whitening” was actually coined more than 20 years ago when tooth bleaching or teeth whitening was first developed. Lasers, being the… Read More

Boost Your Smile for the Holidays

With the holidays coming up soon, many of our patients are starting to think about all their social engagements that are rapidly approaching.  Many of us will be seeing friends, family and business acquaintances and they want to look their best. Studies have shown that one of the greatest and… Read More

Dental Implant Surgery Part 4: The Esthetic Zone

So we have talked about many different scenarios for dental implants, but one of the most challenging areas for a dental implant is what we in the profession call“The Esthetic Zone”.  While not to be confused with the Twilight Zone, the “Esthetic Zone” has in the past been equally confounding. Read More