Healthy Mouth

This week I would like to present to my readers a short list of tips to help keep your mouth and teeth healthy.  Tips like this are an integral part of the care that the hygiene team in my office offers to our patients on a routine basis.  Follow these… Read More

Family Dentistry and Oral Cancer Detection

An important part of family dentistry is for the dental team to look after the dental health of each and every one of their patients. This is particularly brought into focus this month because it is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose of marking a… Read More

Family Dentistry: Early Childhood Dental Care

Last week I talked about Family Dentistry and how we provide our patients with a risk assessment to manage their dental care for lifelong dental health. Today I would like to get a little bit more specific and start at the beginning: Early Childhood Dental Care. Read More

Options for Bone Grafts

Last week I talked about how we help patients who need dental implants in North York but don’t have enough bone to support the implant, and I promised to review some of the options for the different materials that we use to help grow bone. That’s what I’ll… Read More

The Pleasure of Family Dentistry

I have spent the past several weeks discussing dental implants in North York but now I would like to change directions and talk about a major part of my practice which is Family Dentistry. If you have been following my blogs, you will see that while I have a passion… Read More