10 Reasons Why You Need Orthodontics

By Carol Waldman November 30, 2017

Aside from the obvious benefits of having orthodontic treatment, there are many benefits other than simply having a nicer looking smile. Although this is the main goal for many, and rightly so, if you are on the fence about having treatment, or need to convince a family member of why you should have it read on…

1) Having your smile fixed through orthodontics can have a huge positive impact on the way a person thinks about themselves. Mental health improvement of those with low self esteem can be greatly relieved thanks to the orthodontic treatment they receive. Many patients, will receive a huge boost in confidence. This is one of the primary reasons that people will seek out braces in the first place. Confidence is a huge part of our lives and the more you have of it the greater chance that you will go out into the world and take charge of your future.

2) Eating with a straight set of teeth following your orthodontic treatment will be a noticeably better experience. Many patients that have misaligned teeth will often complain that they have some trouble with certain foods. Orthodontics can improve a patient’s ability to bite and chew their food. It can also be the case that misaligned teeth can cause pain when eating, and in some extreme cases cause damage to the teeth and gums over time.

3) Overcrowding of the teeth can be very uncomfortable. It also makes it more difficult to maintain good dental hygiene. These problems can be fixed with orthodontic treatment.
4) Crooked teeth are unsightly, and can be distracting for many people as they continue a conversation. For better or worse, this is the truth. To eliminate that nagging feeling that someone is staring at your teeth as you talk to them, orthodontics or simply put, braces can help you out of this social quagmire.

5) One of the best things about orthodontics, is that there is very little chance of anything going wrong. The procedure involves no drilling or anything like that, and you will feel almost no pain during the entire process, from the moment they are installed to when they are removed.

6) Bullying can be very hurtful, and unfortunately adults can be just as cruel, if not more so, as children. For this reason, orthodontics can help to give you a smile that will not make you a target for these bullies and leave you with the confidence to smile in large group settings and the school yard without fear of reprisal.

7) Closing the gaps between teeth can help promote dental hygiene as you are helping to prevent the buildup of bacteria and leftover food. As well as the obvious cosmetic advantages, eliminating these gaps in your teeth can help to make your teeth stay healthy for longer.

8) Professional success can be determined by a number of factors. Education, personal connections and professional experience all play a role. It is also true that your appearance counts for a great deal! When you walk into an interview or meeting, you want to be able to flash those pearly whites with confidence. Sadly, it is true that how straight your teeth are, will probably have an impact on your career aspirations. Many people will often cite their professional ambitions as a contributing reason they have sought out orthodontic treatment.

9) We’ve talked about confidence and self esteem, well many will also want to look their best when looking for a partner in life. In today’s modern dating world, we’re all only a swipe away to not getting that date. By having orthodontic treatment, you will be able to put your best smile on show when meeting new people. This can make all the difference in the world.